• Welcome!

    I'm Lorena Reinaldo and I welcome you to my luthier workshop in which, as you will see, I specialize in building harps and other stringed instruments.

    As I am part of the quartet harpist Lulavai and Folk Orchestra Sondeseu.

  • Biografía!

    Despite its jueventud has over 10 years dedicated to the construction of musical instruments. It all begins in 1998 when Lorena decides to enroll at the Conservatory of Music Traditional Popular University of Vigo (now E-mao) where he studied with Rodrigo Romani. While he studies harp enrolls in Classic Lutheria Workshop of the same school, so she built her first harp.

    Belonging to different musical formations as harpist, both Lulavai quartet, as in the folk band Son de Seu, makes perfectly meet the needs of the instrument when playing. In the course of these years has not been limited to the construction of harps, but also covers bouzoukis stringed instruments like guitars and mandolins.

    In recent years his research has led her to build its first electric harp, performed with an amplification system designed specifically for that model. His instruments are characterized by lightness and sound and the beauty of their designs. Many of the best musicians in the Galician landscape have on stage with some of his creations.

  • Mi música

    • 1. Arpas34
      34 Strings Harp Test Theme.

    • 2. Vai a Lúa. With Lulavai quartet (TVG)
      Spanish TV show "Luar"

    • 3. Jam
      Guitar and Mandolin.

  • Gallery

    Harp's Gallery

    Guitars, Mandolins

    Fotografías del taller

  • Instruments

    34 Strings Harps.

    The model used in the folk because of their great potential and reduced size and weight.

    - Carbon Fiber Strings

    - Camac Tuning Pins

    - Weight 8,5 Kg Aprox

    - Lumber: Maple, Walnut, cherry-tree...

    27 Strings Harps.

    Suitable for children and beginning students. Very easy to carry and it has, for its weight, an extraordinary sound.

    - Carbon Fiber Strings

    - Camac Tuning Pins

    - Weight 6 Kg Aprox

    - Lumber: Maple, Walnut, cherry-tree...

    Electric Harp.

    All-electric model, without sounding equipped with an invisible boost circuit that picks up sound in a clean and natural.

    - Carbon Fiber Strings

    - Camac Tuning Pins

    - Weight 7,5 Kg Aprox

    - Lumber: Maple, Walnut, cherry-tree...


    Model folk with possibility of different tunings.

    - Power, brightness and reduced weight

    - Can be amplified under construction or later


    Soprano type with tuning G A E D.

    - Powerful sound and timbre of great warmth.

    - Light and rich harmonics.

    - Multiple lumber.

    - Can be amplified.

    Folk Guitar.

    Acoustic Guitar "half Jumbo" perfect for accompaniment.

    - Rich harmonics.

    - Lumber: Maple, Walnu.

    - Can be amplified.

    Jazz Guitar.

    With its 17-inch has a powerful sound and rich, warm timbre harmonic.

    - Lumber: German Fir, Curly Maple, European Maple, Ebony.

    - Puede ser amplificada.

  • Postal Address

    Lorena Reinaldo
    Lugar da Montesiña
    Soutomaior (Pontevedra)

    Cell Phone:+34 660 805 020 Workshop: Fax: E-mail: info@lorenareinaldo.com


    Information Sent! Be in contact soon!.
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